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Fresh air and mold prevention are a must, especially for the little ones. When fresh air enters the room, the outside noise should stay outside. The wide range of fans with heat recovery and sound insulation up to 75 dB provides the right solution for every urban and rural building project or renovation. Easily maintained and kept clean.

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Sample concept: Kindergarten/Schools


Decentralized ventilation in new buildings as well as in renovations can always be planned, executed and operated individually in a task and target-oriented manner. Depending on the task at hand, decentralized solutions can be designed according to the room ventilation requirements. Working principle of active natural ventilation by opening windows, can easily be achieved. But at the same time keeping cost down, through heat recovery. Without a ventilation duct system, decentralized home ventilation is rightly regarded as permanently hygienic, accessible and low-maintenance.

Decentralized ventilation systems do not place any structural requirements on technical rooms or on the accommodation of ventilation pipes or ventilation duct systems. The complete integration within outer walls saves space and ensures an energy-efficient, direct fresh air supply.

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highest performance

By using the latest high-performance fans in combination with a sound-insulating insert made of EPP and the implementation of the fan on the outside of the wall, the lowest sound level values ​​of 16.8 dB (measuring surface sound pressure level / exhaust air at 300 mm installation length) are achieved in level 1 with the highest degree of efficiency. The fans therefore fall well below the sound level values ​​of 30 dB (A) required by DIN 4109, providing for a noise free learning environment.

reduced cost

We manufacture our ventilation systems according to your specifications for the individual, structural situation. In addition, the modular system offers the possibility of compensating for construction tolerances of several cm on site. Time-consuming set-up times for straightening and cutting to length on the construction site are eliminated and errors are reduced. The installation times are cut down considerably. That saves time and money!

prevent mold

Moisture and mold spores in the room and outside air are the cause of mold formation on surfaces or in materials. Even humans lose between 1-2 liters of water during sleep and release it into the room air. An exchange of air between dry outside air and moist inside air prevents moisture damage and protects health.

air for allergy sufferers

Allergy sufferers can breathe easy again. An integrated filter ensures dust-free air, and a pollen filter can optionally be integrated into the system.

Ventomaxx promise

Best Sound Insulation

Ventilation with the highest level of sound insulation, to be used in highly populated areas. Certified by independent laboratories - ift-Rosenheim (sound insulation levels from 41 to 74 dB, Dn,e,w) - easy installation according to DIN 4109.

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Seamless Integration

A ventilation system so inconspicuous, any architect would be happy to integrate into their facade design. A very small foot print allows for multiple installation options, all while maintaining the desired look of the facade and the building.

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Planning Support

We consult with planners and architects right from the start of a new project, making sure, that a technically feasible solution can be found, minimizing work and cost later, as the project progresses. This enables us to quickly respond to changing requirements as objectives become clearer with every building stage. Our decades of experience allow us to act as a partner to all parties involved. We are happy to help.

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Optimum Fresh Air Supply

Ventomaxx ventilation systems protect against outside noise while providing fresh air when windows are closed. Fresh air is allowed to come in, noise has to stay outside - all this while filtering the air from fine dust pollution and pollen.

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