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We at Ventomaxx develop new ventilation systems and new designs around the demands of our customers.

Ventomaxx ventilation systems combine functionality and design with a simple and sophisticated set of components. Our team of technical experts and sales support you throughout the different phases of your project. From the idea to handing of the keys to your customers. Let us help you, by providing us with planning details, specific demands and wishes. The entire ventilation solution out of one hand – drawings, texts for invitations of tender, customer-specific build… give us a call and we are happy to be there for you.

At times where the market standard collides with your demands, our engineers will find ways to make the impossible possible. Benefit from our competence and decades of experience.

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Craftmanship meets technology

Well-tried, solid craftsmanship and precision meet innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Decentralized ventilation units from Ventomaxx® are the result of the optimal amalgamation of both worlds with highest architectural design standards.

The modular design of our ventilation systems, as well as the flexible installation options for controlled living space ventilation with heat recovery and the highest level of sound insulation, open up completely new planning perspectives. Individual and project-related assemblies can be quickly designed and implemented by in-house development and production.

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Ventomaxx promise

Best Sound Insulation

Ventilation with the highest level of sound insulation, to be used in highly populated areas. Certified by independent laboratories - ift-Rosenheim (sound insulation levels from 41 to 74 dB, Dn,e,w) - easy installation according to DIN 4109.

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Seamless Integration

A ventilation system so inconspicuous, any architect would be happy to integrate into their facade design. A very small foot print allows for multiple installation options, all while maintaining the desired look of the facade and the building.

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Planning Support

We consult with planners and architects right from the start of a new project, making sure, that a technically feasible solution can be found, minimizing work and cost later, as the project progresses. This enables us to quickly respond to changing requirements as objectives become clearer with every building stage. Our decades of experience allow us to act as a partner to all parties involved. We are happy to help.

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Optimum Fresh Air Supply

Ventomaxx ventilation systems protect against outside noise while providing fresh air when windows are closed. Fresh air is allowed to come in, noise has to stay outside - all this while filtering the air from fine dust pollution and pollen.

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