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We are here for you - Ventomaxx Project assistents

We at Ventomaxx support your project from the start. The entire ventilation solution out of one hand – drawings, texts for invitations of tender, customer-specific builds… give us a call and we are happy to be there for you.

Our team of project assistants, located in Landshut, Germany, actively support our team of technical sales experts during the execution of your projects. We are here as your first point of contact, to provide for a smooth experience and efficient communication.


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Sales D-A-CH
Sales International

ZIP code area

Philipp Engelhardt

Team Leader Sales

Kevin Steen

Technical Sales | Germany North

Aykut Kocagöl

Technical Sales | Germany West

Marjan Vasic

Technical Sales | Berlin

Patrick Sagurna

Technical Sales | Berlin

Baran Celep

Technical Sales | Bavaria

Stefan Huber

Technical Sales | Germany South East | Austria

Michael Minin

Technical Sales | Germany South-East

Ramona Dorrer

Project Assistant

Regina Mayer

Project Assistant

Vivien Yavuz

Project Assistant

Anna-Lena Oberbeck

Project Assistant

Ventomaxx - your partner at your fingertips

We pride ourselves as a partner to our contacts. We are not just a supplier of ventilation systems, a sourcer for materials. We care for everyone that is involved with us along the numerous succesfully carried out projects. With our headquarters located in Landshut, Germany, we directly support our partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We source regionally and manufacture locally.

Our international partners will support you outside of the german speaking regions.