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Working toward promoting healthier and more sustainable living


Said & Done

For our team the phrase “said & done” signifies the value of reliability. We measure ourselves by the commitments we make and, in turn, anticipate the same level of accountability from our colleagues and partners. We firmly believe that fostering trustworthiness is crucial for establishing robust relationships and honoring our commitments.


We before Me

As a team, we collaborate across functions and departments to address challenges and find solutions. Our approach is grounded in open communication, attentive listening, and a profound respect for everyone’s viewpoints and contributions. The principle of “We before Me” is integral to our ethos, signifying our commitment to prioritising the common goals of the company over individual interests or personal expectations.


Yes, We Can!

We view challenges as opportunities and maintain a “Yes, we can do it!” attitude even in difficult situations.
True to our Bavarian roots, our motto is “Pack mers!”


We are Brave

We are ready to take risks, face new challenges and dare to do something new. We know that not every step can be successful, but we are willing to learn from mistakes and develop further. At Ventomaxx, we are proud to be part of an innovative, energetic and courageous team that can simply try things out. We don’t want to be comparable, we want to be unique.


We Celebrate Achievements

Every week we start the week together with good news and success stories. We recognise that positivity is not only found in reaching our goals but also in acknowledging and celebrating the collective progress we achieve. We actively promote a culture where our team takes the time to appreciate and celebrate milestones and accomplishments together along the journey.