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Arnulfpark MI-4 Project


Disturbing ventilators in the window element, in addition to all the technical and visual disadvantages, are now a thing of the past. The high-quality sound-insulating ventilation systems in the AIR CONTROL series provide you with numerous concealed integration options within the facade around the window. Installation of the systems is extremely simple and, above all independent of the window element.

The integration of sound-insulating ventilation units from the AIR CONTROL series in the LAL (concealed within the reveal) and LAF2 (concealed under the window ledge) installation versions ensures optimum fresh air comfort.


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Installed product

SDL-125-2-x SBV LAF2

  • Mounting type: LAF2
  • Air flow rate: approx. 29 m3/h at 8 Pa
  • Sound insulation: 42 dB, D n,e,w