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Schildacker C – Timber construction


As part of the urban redevelopment of a 50-hectare inner-city neighbourhood, 116 timber-built flats were constructed on Müllheimer Strasse in Freiburg. The new buildings are arranged in three building plots at an angle to each other, forming a courtyard, and are orientated towards a central green corridor. Decentralised sound-insulating ventilation from Ventomaxx ensures optimum fresh air comfort.

Integration of 250 sound-insulating ventilation units from the AIR CONTROL series concealed within the reveal.

Cooperating partner:  Holzbau Dipl. Ing. Carl Langenbach GmbH

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Installed product

SDL 125-1SD LAL 50 S

  • Mounting type: LAL
  • Flat duct X dimension: 500 mm
  • Sound insulation: 57 dB D n,e,w