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We at Ventomaxx develop new ventilation systems and new designs around the demands of our customers.

Ventomaxx ventilation systems combine functionality and design through simple and well-thought-out assembly options of system components. Our technical and sales teams support you throughout the different phases of your project, from idea sketching to project realisation.

Your journey with Ventomaxx starts once you share your plans with us, for our experts to provide you with CAD files, illustrations, solutions, the appropriate tender texts and, in the end, a customized ventilation system. Our expertise and decades of experience will come into play to make the impossible possible when the market’s ‘fit-for-all’ products disrupt your plans.


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Craftmanship meets technology

Experience the perfect blend of time-tested, reliable craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, where precision meets innovation. Ventomaxx® decentralised ventilation units embody the pinnacle of architectural design standards, seamlessly merging these two worlds.

Our ventilation systems feature a modular design and offer flexible installation options for controlled living space ventilation with heat recovery and top-tier sound insulation. This opens up entirely fresh avenues for planning and design. Our in-house development and production teams can swiftly craft and execute customised solutions to meet both individual and project-specific requirements.

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Ventomaxx promise

Best Sound Insulation

Ventilation systems engineered for optimal sound insulation, ideal for deployment in densely populated areas.
All our systems have been tested and certified for their exceptional sound insulation capabilities (41 to 74 dB, Dn,e,w)at ift Rosenheim, a European notified and internationally accredited testing body. Easy installation according to German standard DIN 4109.

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Seamless Integration

A ventilation system so discreet that it seamlessly blends into any architectural vision. Its exceptionally compact design offers a multitude of installation possibilities, preserving the facade's intended aesthetics and the building's overall appearance, making it a top choice for architects seeking unobtrusive yet effective solutions.

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Planning Support

We begin our collaboration with planners and architects at the project's inception, ensuring that a technically viable solution is identified from the outset. This proactive approach minimises the need for extensive revisions and cost escalations as the project evolves. Our decades of experience positions us as a reliable partner for all stakeholders involved. We're here to assist and adapt to evolving requirements as project goals become increasingly defined at each building phase. Your success is our priority.

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Optimum Fresh Air Supply

Ventomaxx ventilation systems not only maintain indoor tranquility by keeping external noise at bay but also ensure a continuous supply of fresh air even with closed windows. It enables the inflow of fresh air while keeping disruptive noise outside, all the while filtering out fine dust pollution and pollen for a healthier indoor environment.

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