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Oasis of Tranquility Project


The inner-city oasis of peace in the heart of Berlin was created on an area of around 4,000 m². More than 100 different residential units were built directly on the River Spree and within walking distance of the Tiergarten, consisting of a 15-storey residential tower, three detached city villas and further three-storey flat blocks. The individual and customised ventilation concept was realised by Ventomaxx.

Co-operation partner B&L Gruppe, Hamburg

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Product Highlight

SDL 125-1SD LAL 50 S

  • Passive external wall diffusers ALD secondary flow elements to DIN 1946-6 / DIN 1807-3
  • Flat duct X dimension: 1,000 mm
  • Sound insulation: up to 63 dB Dn,e,w
  • Air flow rate: approx. 46 m3/h at 8 Pa
  • Integration of around 790 sound-insulating ventilation units from the AIR CONTROL series, 375 of which are customised and concealed behind the metal cladding of the cornice bands