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“Leben im Leitzachtal” residential complex


In the heart of Fischbachau, in idyllic Upper Bavaria, not far from Rosenheim, a residential complex with five apartment buildings including an underground car park has been built.
The 28 flats of different sizes impress with a combination of originality, tradition and modernity and are characterised by partial wooden façade cladding. A decentralised exhaust air concept with passive secondary air flow elements from the AIR CONTROL series was integrated as a reveal variant.

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Installed product



  • AIR CONTROL  SDL-125-1 SD LAL 50 S,
  • ALD Nachströmelemente nach DIN 1946-6
  • Flachkanal X-Maß: 500 mm
  • Schallschutz: 57 dB, Dn,e,w