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Housing Project „Die Zieglerschen“


During the renovation work on the existing houses of the “Die Zieglerschen” charitable organisation, a cosy three-storey temporary building was built in timber construction for 24 people, divided into three group flats. After completion of the renovation work, the temporary building will be available for subsequent use by the free housing market.
During the prefabrication of the wall elements, an opening of 20×20 cm was already built as a box. The angular telescopic set of WRG PLUS fans could thus be conveniently inserted into the wall panel on site.

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Installed product:

Integration of 32 sound-insulating ventilation units with heat recovery (HRV) from the V-WRG 1 PLUS series as installation variant LAW (straight through the wall) within the exterior wall.

  • Active ventilation with heat recovery
  • Product selection: V-WRG 1 PLUS as installation variant LAW
  • Tested minimum length: 275 mm
  • Sound Insulation: 47 dB, Dn,e,w